Social and market research

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Why Intercampo

More than thirty years of experience in market research providing a quality, reliable and effective service adapted to the demands of our clients.


Assisted telephone surveys by our IT system with the latest generation automatic calling system. Recorded and monitored in real time by our supervisors for an impeccable execution.


POS Surveys, street, in-home or in hall-test room. Assisted by computer or tablet online / offline supported with a wide and experienced network spread throughout the national territory.


CAWI surveys through panel, free sample, customer database or web banner. Recruitment and management of online communities.

Mistery Shopping

Face-to-face, telephone and online. We have a network of professional auditors with extensive experience throughout the national territory allowing to improve an essential part of the customer journey.

Product Test & Sniff Test

CLT installations adapted to carry out concept test, product test with tasting and sniff test for the fragrances evaluation, applying its own protocol that allows the project to be executed under optimal conditions.


Study on the shopping experience in front of the shelf to understand what and how to improve the perception.


Individual qualitative interviews of 45-60 minutes length. Structured, semi-structured or open to understand a specific problem about an idea, product, brand, process or service.

Focus group

Triads, groups from 7 to 9 people or half-day workshops with the appropriate profile in order to analyze the discourse on a topic through interaction and moderated by qualitative professionals.

Quality Control

Quality control standards and supervision of customer data collection processes.

Profile selection

Attracting specific profiles according to the needs of each client with the possibility of incentive management for UX studies.


Participant observation at home or in other settings such as a job or place of leisure. Record of daily activities and audiovisual material.

Traffic analysis

Counting to measure the flow of passage and analysis of the composition of the public of a street, shopping centre or space.